Frequently Asked Questions about Lynn Canyon Park

Is Lynn Canyon Park Free?

Yes, it is a public park. There is no admission fee.

How long does it take to hike Lynn Canyon

There are many trails to explore throughout Lynn Canyon Park.
If you are hiking the Baden Powell Trail section of the park it will take you approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

How do I get from Vancouver to Lynn Canyon Park

You can get to Lynn Canyon Park from Vancouver by bus or car. Read through the directions page for bus routes or plan your route with google maps or translink.

What is there to do in Lynn Canyon Park?

So many things!!!
Start off with a visit to the Ecology Centre near the main entrance of the park or grab a snack at the Lynn Canyon Cafe. There is also a group picnic area behind the cafe.
Test your fear of heights with a walk across the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge. The views of the canyon are spectacular!
Explore the various trails throughout the park including the Baden Powell Trail. Then take in some sunshine on a quiet rock along the river. If that’s not enough you can always check out Twin Falls and the Pipe Bridge.

Can you swim at Lynn Canyon Park

Yes, you can swim in parts of the river in Lynn Canyon Park. 30 Foot Pool is the most popular spot for swimming during the summer months.