Visit the Ecology Centre in Lynn Canyon Park.

Call 604-990-3755 to book a visit if you have a large group. Masks recommended for ages 5 and up. Entrance by donation: suggested $2 per person. Visit DNV.ORG for additional updates.

Lynn Canyon Park

617 Acres of Forest

Lynn Canyon Park officially opened to the public in 1912 and has been a popular destination among tourists and local residents ever since. Lynn Canyon Park is a great location for a family picnic, a leisurely hike, or a refreshing swim in one of the many popular swimming holes.

Lynn Canyon Park has grown from 12 acres in its early years to 617 acres today. Lynn Canyon Park contains second growth forest with most of the trees aged approximately 80 to 100 years old.

Lynn Canyon Park features a suspension bridge that sways 50 meters above the canyon. It was built privately in 1912 when the park opened. Lynn Canyon also offers a selection of walking and hiking trails that connect to other parks in the region such as Lynn Headwaters, Rice Lake, and Inter River Park.

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

The ecology center in Lynn Valley has been a part of Lynn Canyon Park for many years and showcases some historical information about the park. Be sure to make a visit to the ecology center for some great souvenirs, and to catch one of the popular puppet shows in the theatre.

Visit the ecology centre website here.

Lynn Canyon Park Hours

During the winter months dusk falls very early. Use extreme caution and allow plenty of time to return to the park entrance before dark.

Please check with the Ecology Centre at for Park Hours

Ecology Centre Hours

Mon – Fri: 10am to 4pm
Sat – Sun: 12pm to 4pm