30 Foot Pool

30 Foot Pool in Lynn Canyon

The 30 Foot Pool is on route to the Pipe Bridge which crosses the canyon and leads to the top of Lynn Valley Road. If the Pipe Bridge is where you are headed, be prepared for a long climb up a wooden stairwell to the top of the canyon. There is a lookout point on the stairwell with a great view of the 30 Foot Pool and surrounding area.

It's Just as
Beautiful on
a Rainy Day!

Summer Swimming Spot

30 Foot Pool is pretty quiet in the winter, but come in the summer months and the river is lined with people enjoying the hot sun on the warm rocks. When it gets too hot, the river is perfect to cool off. Don’t stay in too long though, it’s really cold!

Picnic on the River Rocks

There is a small pebble beach area at 30 Foot Pool that is only visible during the Summer months when the water level is lower. If you’re planning to spend the day there, come early to be sure you get a small space for a picnic. Otherwise head down river and find a large rock to sit on.