Trails in Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park is Home to Several Beautiful Hiking Trails

Lynn Canyon Park is the home of several beautiful hiking trails that are suitable for any hiking level. If you are looking for a leisurely stroll through the forest or a brisk climb up hill, Lynn Canyon has lots to choose from.

Lynn Canyon Park Map
Maps are available at the Ecology Centre and can be downloaded from their website here

Some of the more popular trails and hiking areas of Lynn Canyon and the surrounding area are listed below.

Baden Powell Trail

Hike across North Vancouver

This trail crosses the entire North Shore region and passes through Lynn Canyon Park. It is well marked and provides a variety of rugged and smooth sections for novice to advanced hikers.

It takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to hike the section of the Baden Powell Trail that passes through Lynn Canyon Park.

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30 Foot Pool & Beyond

Beautiful Swimming Hole

On the North side of the suspension bridge the trail to the left leads you North West through the park. A short walk will take you to the popular 30-Foot pool. The 30-foot pool is one of the most popular locations among tourists and locals. It is a very large area with great spots for a picnic and it features a beautiful swimming hole. In the summer months you will find several visitors taking a quick refreshing swim to cool off. Take extra caution as the water is extremely cold, even in the summer months.

After the 30-Foot pool there is a very large stairway. This will take you to the Pipe Bridge, which crosses the canyon and leads to the North entrance of the park at the top of Lynn Valley Road. The stairs also lead you to the Northern region of the park, the Seymour Demonstration Forest and Rice Lake park entrance. If you do not wish to venture into these areas, the trail loops back towards the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge.

Twin Falls Trail & Beyond

Breathtaking Waterfalls

Twin Falls is East of the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge and can be accessed from either side of the bridge. If you do not cross the bridge from the main entrance, proceed east past the Lynn Canyon Café and follow the trail down towards the river. A short walk will take you to the Twin Falls Bridge which offers a beautiful view of a waterfall and large pool below.

If you cross the suspension bridge and would like to get to Twin Falls, follow the boardwalk towards the right after the bridge and then follow the trail East to Twin Falls. There is a sign that will point you in the right direction.

Twin Falls is less accessible than the 30-Foot pool and not as popular among visitors. If you are looking for a quiet place to sit by the river, this is the spot. After the Twin Falls Bridge you can reach the river by climbing down a steep bank. If you cross the river there is a long riverbank with lots of sitting room. The sun will stay most of the day until it drops behind the trees. There are also other short trails further down that will take you to the riverbank.

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Lynn Headwaters & Rice Lake

Hike Up The River

If you are looking for another hike along the river, Lynn Headwaters is nearby and is a nice leisurely walk.

There are several great spots to stop along the water for a picnic. It is possible to swim, but is not recommended when the river reaches high levels.

Also nearby is Rice Lake which is accessible by Lynn Canyon Park and Lynn Headwaters. There is lots of parking and its a great place to spend a few hours. A trail circles around the lake and has several different viewpoints of the lake. You will often find that fishing is popular here as the lake is stocked with trout each year. Unfortunately swimming is no longer permitted in Rice Lake.

Rice Lake