Walk, Run or Bike the Demonstration Forest Road

#NorthVan365 Day 8.
If you’ve been searching for a long stretch of pavement with no cars to bother you, look no further. The Demonstration Forest Road in North Vancouver is 12km of car free heaven. Bring your bike or your best street runners and do some warm up stretches before you follow this windy road through beautiful BC Forest. It’s a real challenge too as it’s not entirely flat and there are some long hills you’ll have to climb, but the downhill is always worth it!

Seymour Demonstration Forest

This is a very family friendly excursion. A perfect place if the kids want some space to practice riding their bikes. Keep in mind that it’s a long way to the end so ensure you’re prepared for a few gruelling hills and bring lots of water.

The Demonstration Forest Road is part of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve which is South of the Seymour Water Shed. If you follow the road to the very end you’ll reach the Seymour Dam. There’s a great viewing area so it’s worth the trip!

You’ll also find the Seymour Fish Hatchery at the end of the road which is a really interesting place to see especially if the kids are in tow. For more information on the Fish Hatchery you can visit their website here: http://seymoursalmon.com/

When you’re rested up and ready to make the trip back just follow the same road you came there on.

From the highway take the Mt. Seymour Parkway exit and then go North on Lillooet Road for about 4.6km. There is a large parking lot at the end of the road before the entrance to the Demonstration Forest.

14 comments on “Walk, Run or Bike the Demonstration Forest Road

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    Bob Van der Vliet on


    Me and my wife are living in Abbotsford and want to rent bikes for using the Demonstration Road. Is there a rental place nearby?

    Sincerely yours,
    Bob van der vliet/Liisa Mattinen

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      Jaden on

      Yes, there is a foot bridge at the end of Lynn Valley road. Just up a little bit and across the street from the End of the Line coffee shop.
      You can cross that, ride up a short hill and you will find the start of the Demonstration Forest Road.

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      Jaden on

      Hi April,
      That’s a good question. It really depends on what type of rider you are. If you’re looking for a casual ride it can take as long as you want it to.
      I would say 2-3 hours if you maintain a steady speed. Also be sure to leave an hour for lunch and to explore at the end of the road if you plan to do that. You could probably do it in 1-2 hours if you really pushed yourself.

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    Druce on

    Is it reasonable to do on rollerblades ? I don’t see anyone blading in the pictures and I see some hills. Mild incline up/down is fine but steeper isn’t all that feasible on blades

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      Jaden on

      A lot of people do it on rollerblades, just keep in mind that it is a fairly long road. There are a few lengthy hills where you can pick up a lot of speed. Nothing extremely steep though.


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