Norvan Falls – Hike to Beautiful Waterfalls in North Vancouver

#NorthVan365 Day 6.
Who could resist standing at the foot of a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest, especially after hiking for 7km! Norvan Falls in North Vancouver is still a hidden gem but is becoming more and more popular every year.

Norvan Falls in North Vancouver

Norvan Falls Trail Access from Lynn Headwaters

The journey to Norvan Falls is long but very worthwhile. Not just for the reward at the end of the trail but for the beautiful forest and scenic North Vancouver mountains you’ll see along the way. Norvan Falls is 14km round trip on a fairly flat trail that follows Lynn Creek for most of the way. It begins at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and ends after a 7km walk through the wilderness.

The first 4km follows a well groomed trail along the river. There are a few side trails that will take you down to the water if you have time for a detour. Don’t wander too far though. After 4km you will come to a rocky clearing known as the debris chute. On the left you will see a small trail that leads down to the water. It’s worth taking a look as there is some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Once you’re finished taking a well deserved break follow the trail at the top of the debris chute that leads to Norvan Falls.

You will begin to hear the sound of rushing water as you approach the falls. The trail follows a long boardwalk and then descends down towards the river. When you reach the falls there is a small lookout spot but due to the erosion it’s a little dangerous and probably better to avoid. Follow the trail down to the water and take in the amazing scenery. There are plenty of large rocks to sit on and set up a picnic if you have one.

If you’re up for a bit of rock hopping you can get right up close to the falls. There is a large tree stump across the pool beneath the falls that is great to sit on and take it all in. Be sure to watch for falling rocks from the falls and the surrounding cliffs. When you’re done taking in the falls you can return to the Lynn Headwaters Park entrance the same way you came. Just make sure you leave with enough time to make it back before dark.

Norvan Falls

What to bring on your hike to Norvan Falls

Lots of drinking water
Lunch or snacks
First aid kit

Directions to Lynn Headwaters and Norvan Falls

Follow Lynn Valley Road Northbound until you reach the entrance to Lynn Headwaters Park. It’s just past the End of the Line cafe. Continue straight down the narrow road until you reach the parking area. There are 3 lots plus an additional overflow lot but it does fill up quickly so the earlier you start your hike the better.

11 comments on “Norvan Falls – Hike to Beautiful Waterfalls in North Vancouver

  1. Avatar
    Jess on

    I am staying in Vancouver with my boyfriends brother? Are you open the light the bank holiday weekend? And is there a fee to pay to get into the park/waterfall? Do you have trials to follow?

  2. Avatar
    julianna on

    hi there, im bringing some out of town people and this looks easy, is it a lot of up and down because they are fine with long distance but the up and down is more so what im worried about, is it more up and down then quarry rock? does it get really busy with tourists like quarry rock where you can barely get by?

    • Avatar
      Jaden on

      There is a bit of up and down on this trail but it’s not all that steep. Keep in mind that this is a 14km hike, approximately 7km to the falls and 7km back to the parking lot. I wouldn’t compare it to Quarry Rock at all as you can do that in under an hour easily even with the hills. It can get busy if you go at the wrong time of day. Head out early in the morning to avoid any crowds and go during the week if you can. Leave plenty of time to get back, so try not to start too late in the day.

      Take a look at the Vancouver Trails website for more info on this trail:

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    • Avatar
      Jaden on

      I don’t recommend hiking to Norvan Falls right now. There has been several floods on the trails in that area and parts of it have been closed.

      • Avatar
        Rekha on

        I won’t be there till End of March and I would check the Ecology center to find out if the trail is safe at the time. I just need to know if I can make it and I want to train for it. Please tell me the amount of kilometers.

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          • Avatar
          • Avatar
            Jaden on

            That’s a very good question. It has been fairly mild lately but has been rainy. I suspect it will be quite muddy in parts of the trail.
            If there are any warnings about the trail you’ll probably find them at or posted on the notice boards at the Lynn Headwaters park entrance. Keep in mind it is a 14km hike. Go early and leave enough time to return before it gets dark as it will get dark very fast in the forest.

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