Eat Doughnuts at Honey’s Doughnuts in Deep Cove

honey's doughnuts

#NorthVan365 Day 7. When you mention Deep Cove, people know you really mean Honey’s Doughnuts. No visit to Deep Cove is complete without grabbing one, or two, or three of these delicious doughnuts. Sure there are other things to do in the area, but the main attraction are the doughnuts. If your significant other tells […]

Norvan Falls – Hike to Beautiful Waterfalls in North Vancouver

Norvan Falls in North Vancouver

#NorthVan365 Day 6. Who could resist standing at the foot of a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest, especially after hiking for 7km! Norvan Falls in North Vancouver is still a hidden gem but is becoming more and more popular every year. Norvan Falls Trail Access from Lynn Headwaters The journey to Norvan […]