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North Vancouver Hiking

5 North Vancouver Hikes for the Weekend

North Vancouver Hiking

Let’s face it, hiking in North Vancouver is awesome! The beautiful forest is right in our backyard so we might as well take advantage of it. There are many trails to explore throughout the North Vancouver parks and mountains; here are 5 hikes that are of various difficulty levels that are worth checking out.

1. Hike to 30 Foot Pool in Lynn Canyon Park

30 Foot Pool

That’s why we’re all here right? To find that beautiful emerald green swimming hole called 30 Foot Pool that everyone talks about. These precious places can take hours to reach but this one is a lot closer than you think! This hike is perfect for families hoping to find a place to cool off on a hot day. Read More »

2. Hike to Mystery Lake on Mount Seymour

Mystery Lake on Mount Seymour

Looking for stunning views of the city from the top of a mountain? Look no further than Mount Seymour. The hike to Mystery Lake is a bit of a scramble up the alpine but there’s a refreshing swim at the top and some beautiful scenery too! This hike is for all levels but beware the steep alpine trail and loose rocks leading up to the lake. Read more »

3. Hike the Seymour Demonstration Forest

Seymour Demonstration Forest

It’s a paved path like no other. The Seymour Demonstration forest road is closed to vehicles and open to hikers, walkers, runners and riders. If you’re looking for a fairly smooth path to get some exercise or take the kids on a long bike ride, this is the perfect spot. It’s a long road but there’s some goodies at the end including a Fish Hatchery! Read More »

4. Hike to Norvan Falls

Norvan Falls in North Vancouver

Norvan Falls is a long ways from civilization but you’re in for a real treat with spectacular forest scenery and of course the amazing Norvan Falls at the end of the line. It’s a fairly easy path, however it’s a long hike so make sure you’re well prepared with lots of water, food and good hiking shoes! Read More »

5. Hike to Quarry Rock in Deep Cove

Quarry Rock in Deep Cove

There’s more than one reason to visit Deep Cove, and while you’re there you might as well hike to Quarry Rock. Some say it’s a bit strenuous with lots of ascending and descending through the trail with large roots sticking out. It’s a fairly short hike though, and there’s a great view of Deep Cove and Indian Arm at the end too! Read More »

Mystery Lake on Mount Seymour

Hike to Mystery Lake on Mount Seymour

#NorthVan365 Day 21
Some may say this hike is easy, but when you’re hiking an elevation of 150 metres on an alpine of loose rocks in only 3km… it’s not that easy. It’s worth it though, especially on a crystal clear North Vancouver day. If the clouds are low you may find yourself hiking through the fog.

Mystery Lake on Mount Seymour

Take the scenic drive to the top of Mount Seymour and park at the main parking lot. It’s free! The hike to Mystery Lake is pretty straight forward, you hike straight up the alpine switchbacks. Keep to the right near the top of the trail and you’ll find the lake. If you’re unsure of where to go, just follow the trail signs or ask another hiker nearby. There’s usually a steady flow of hikers going to Mystery Lake.

Alpine Flower

When you reach the lake there is a small trail that takes you around it where you’ll find some large rocks near the water to sit on. On a hot day the lake is usually quite crowded so get there early if you plan to stay a while. It’s always recommended to pack light but you will see some carry their favorite floatation device up the mountain to relax on in the lake. Just make sure you bring lots of water, drinking the lake water is not recommended.

Mount Seymour Alpine Trail

The descent back to the parking lot can be fun and it goes a lot faster than the hike up. Just watch your step as the alpine trail has very loose rocks and slippery patches. If this short hike wasn’t quite enough, Mount Seymour has several other trails to choose from but make sure you’re well equipped for a full day of hiking!

Slide the City

1000 Foot Waterslide at Slide The City in North Vancouver!

Day 19 of #NorthVan365
If you’re looking for something to do other than hiking in one of North Vancouver’s beautiful forests, then don’t miss this awesome car free event on Lonsdale Ave. in North Vancouver. On August 22, 2015 a 1000 foot waterslide will be installed for the day running from Keith Road at Victoria Park all the way to 3rd street. That’s 3 entire blocks of amazing waterslide fun!

Slide the City
Image courtesy of Slide The City

This awesome event is part of the Car Free Day Festival which will offer local merchants, food vendors, live music stages, games, performance art and lots more.

Unfortunately the use of the slide is not free. You can reserve your spot on the Utah based Slide the City website. Pricing begins at $10 with a percentage being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Participants must be at least five years old and 117 centimetres tall, and everyone who slides must have an inflatable tube for safety issues.

Don’t miss out on this amazing Car Free Day!

For more info visit the City of North Vancouver website –

Cates Park North Vancouver

Catch Some Rays at Cates Park

Day 18 of #NorthVan365
If you’re hoping to find a peaceful spot to relax under a tree on a grassy field or lie on the beach to catch some rays, Cate’s Park is the place for you! You’ll find the park entrance located around the 200 block of Dollarton Highway on route to Deep Cove. A beautiful garden bed maintained by the District of North Vancouver greets you as you turn off the main road to access the park. This really sets the mood for the District’s largest and most scenic coastal park.

Cates Park Beach

There is a strong Native presence in the park with various totem poles and sculptures spread throughout. It’s ancestral name is Whey-ah-Wichen, a Tsleil-Waututh meaning “faces the wind”. You will also find a lovely network of trails that follows the coastline around the bend towards Deep Cove and a public boat launch if you feel like drifting a little further up the inlet.

Cates Park

Cate’s Park is the perfect spot for a family gathering as there is lots of space on both the grass field and beach. There are several picnic tables and a large playground for the kids! There is also a concession open during the Summer months and public washrooms.

Cates Park field

During the Summer there are various public events at Cates Park including the Cates Park Concert Series with several live bands to enjoy. Stay informed with local event info at

Smell the Flowers at Park and Tilford Gardens

#NorthVan365 Day 17.
This beautiful 3-acre botanical garden has been around since 1969 and is a favourite spot for many locals to sit and enjoy the beautiful flowers and peaceful surroundings. It is located in North Vancouver at Park and Tilford shopping centre and open daily from 9am until dusk.

park and tilford gardens daffodils

There are various displays in the gardens throughout the year depending on the season. As you walk through the gardens you will see several different themes. A Japanese garden with a bright red bridge that crosses a coy pond, and a rose garden complete with running fountains are just a taste of the gardens you will come across.

park and tilford gardens path

There is also a collection of tropical plants and flowers that can be found in the greenhouse and a small herb garden just outside of it. While the spring and summer are generally the best time to visit, there is a fantastic light display during Christmas that is always fun to see.

park and tilford gardens japanese garden

If you’re interested in horticulture, smelling beautiful fresh flowers or just looking for a quiet spot to sit and enjoy a coffee from one of the local shops Park and Tilford Gardens is the perfect spot!

park and tilford gardens tulips